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Cow girl Bella Karina in prickly hay

Bella Karina is the wild, wild west of hayrides. For those looking for a unique experience, Bella Karina offers the chance to explore the countryside on the back of a horse. The horses are specially trained to take riders on a journey through the rolling hills, pastures, and forests of the surrounding area. Riders can expect to be surrounded by nature and be treated to views of breathtaking sunsets and starry night skies. The hayride is the perfect activity for a family outing or a romantic evening under the stars. All riders are provided with a guide who will explain the history of the area and provide information about the local wildlife and plants. In addition to the hayride, Bella Karina also offers horseback riding lessons, trail rides, and team penning activities. Whether you're looking for an adventure or a romantic evening, Bella Karina will provide the perfect environment to make your experience unforgettable.

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